Friday, July 3, 2015



I am not guesssing when I say the writer, director, and production company had no idea what to do with the book's theme of sex-change, even in 1995. You will see this when you watch the trailer for the movie, below. They describe the plot in such glittering generalities that the never once give even a smidgen of a hint of the plot.

The film makers took out all the sex and replaced it with violence. That is symbolism so rich it hardly needs detailing.

The website Mondo Esoterica was astonishingly perceptive when they reviewed the movie:

"Co-written by director Allan A. Goldstein, Memory Run credits the novel Season of the Witch by Jean Marie Stine as its inspiration (set in the future, the book sees a rapist sentenced to have his consciousness transferred into the brain-dead body of his victim and then struggling to come to terms with his new body and identity via series of sexual encounters, the book was written as the writer underwent the process of gender re-assignment and is a very personal exploration of the changes involved). The film solely borrows the gender-switching storyline of the novel, although like everything else in the script, the idea is terribly underdeveloped. Gone is the darkly ironic idea of the gender switch being a punishment for a misogynist, instead it seems to be a rather gratuitous experiment and not enormously relevant to the storyline as a whole - there are no real gender issues discussed and Celeste could easily have had a woman's consciousness transposed without needing to change the script.

"In fact Goldstein's storyline as a whole never seems quite sure what direction to take and feels far too simplified. Set in an utterly generic dystopic future, we never find out how the 'Life Corporation' has taken-over, or why, there are no attempts to show what life is like for normal people or over what scale of the world the corporation has control, we are just left to assume that corporation is evil. Similarly the rebel groups seem to have no specific motivation or demands and we just have to assume they are good. Even the opening makes no sense as we see Fuller robbing his girlfriend's house, whom he pretends to kill, only to return later to sleep with, only for one of his group to frame him for her murder (as opposed to killing him for certain and framing her?). Obviously wanting to appeal to the straight to video action crowd, the film packs in an excess of gratuitous action scenes during the second half (most of which appear in the trailer) which somewhat dispels the dark atmosphere built up and the latter half of the film takes on a pretty typical action movie plot with the characters trying to break into Life headquarters, when given the storyline, a descent into surreality might have been far more appropriate."


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